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Find creative business value
Launched by TOPYS, China's leading comprehensive creative platform, this creative conference is conducted to help global business leaders and creative pioneers to look for innovative solutions and creative opportunities under a new environment. By means of innovative forms such as forums, exhibitions, and workshops, creative minds and business elites from all over the world will share their ideas, stimulate thinking, and establish cooperation so as to find the future of creative business that belongs to enterprises in the new era environment.
Business leaders and creative pioneers will lead you through a unique and innovative journey
  • To discover industry trends and hotspots in creative business
  • Look for blind spots of the enterprise and come up with innovative solutions
  • Join the global creative community to share inspiration with tens of thousands of creative people
  • Search for your best partner and help companies develop business and cooperation
  • Meet the best creative talent
founder & CEO
directors & managers
senior creatives
Pioneer speech
MINDPARK pays attention to the latest creative events and business trends in the global industry. At that time, the world's most creative people and business leaders are going to be invited to share their inspiration and experience, for the purpose of providing avant-garde creative business content, helping companies to expand their horizons and discovering brand new possibilities for creative business.
In collaboration with a number of professional organizations, MINDPARK develops innovative scenarios and activity mechanism, so that we can help creative minds break their dull and solid thinking logic and working methods in a refreshing way, and find the decisive moments of creative thinking in unexpected experiences.
You will have the chance to come to the unique creative scene experiencing the creative works and inspiration from the world's top creative people, feeling the breakthroughs and surprises brought by creative thinking, and turning your own experience into inspiration.
Master Class
Creative masters from all over the world will get off the stage and have close dialogues with dozens of industry elites to focus on hot issues in the industry. At the scene, through case analysis, thinking sorting, data research, etc., we shall discover the crux and problem from the creative to the implementation process, find the inner logic of inspiration and the methodology to activate creative thinking, which hope to help enterprises and individuals to explore innovative solutions in the end.
On the purpose of selling curiosity, imagination and creativity, we collect and recommend every unexpected creative product, so that the unknown product gives you a new buying experience and inspiration.
Innovate social scene
Meet your next creative partner at the MINDPARK. By means of innovative online software and offline scenarios, you will be given the opportunity to build a vital creative business network with 2000+ business leaders and creative pioneers in three days.
Creative City Map
We discover creative places hidden in the city, select recommended creative styles for you to eat, drink, play, live and visit city landmarks. We also link the city's high-quality creative power to activate urban creative ideas and customize your creative journey from the MINDPARK to the city.
MINDPARK conducts real project practice with enterprises, institutions, brands, and the world's top creative teams and professionals, which attempts to turn the ideas of the MINDPARK into practical project achievements. We also tend to record and organize this process to bring valuable reference experience to worldwide enterprises, institutions and brands.